• One Regent Hellas 9.9 Diving boat for 15 divers
  • One RIB inflatable boat Dolphin 7.8 with Suzuki 300 PS

Diving Equipment:

  • 80 complete sets from MARES, OCEANIC and TECHNISUB collections. 
  • Two L&W 450 l/m compressors supplies the divers with first-quality pure air. 

Never been in the ocean? Don't worry! Dan Mulligan works with new divers and swimmers, and clients of all ages. We've taken families on full snorkel trips to Hawaii, and also helped certify couples in SCUBA before they left for their honeymoons. Let us help you prepare to enjoy an adventure like none other.


We're outfitted to help you make a splash.

  • Month-to-month memberships
  • Annual programs
  • Kids programs
  • Family passes
  • Open-water certification
  • Three-dozen SCUBA programs
  • Water safety equipment
  • CPR and other safety training
  • SCUBA certification programs
  • Travel insurance
  • Custom itineraries
  • Annual group trips

Patrick pool

Have a water phobia? No fear! Patrick is a certified water therapist.

Mark Johnson

One of our first SCUBA trainers, Mark takes annual trips to the Great Barrier Reef.


Our Staff

About our Club


Founded in 1997, Dan Mulligan was the result of one amazing snorkeling trip off the coast of Maui. Let us help you discover the beauty of the ocean, its inhabitants and its mystery. From classes and excursions to special events hosted by our experts, we're here to connect you with the sea.

underwater LIFE

Explore all the beauty the ocean has to offer, you need air

John Mccoist

Our resident adventurer, John travels to the far reaches of the ocean every year.

Jessica Priston

She started out as a student, and now she's one of our instructors who specializes in kids' programs.

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